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100% Alpaca yarn

Alpaca Yarn is one of the most if not the most sustainable natural fibre.  It is produced by alpacas who are the most sustainable life stock. They are shorn once a year and can produce 10-15 high quality fleeces in their lifetime. It does not contain lanolin so no harsh scouring is needed. Just a gentle wash to remove the dust. Then it is spun in the most delectable yarns.

Alpaca yarns are soft, light and warm. It wicks moisture away from the body so keeps you warm and dry. Very important for babies and children.

Please remember that colours look different on different screens. Contact us if you have concerns. We are happy to send you photos of different colour combinations. Just to make sure we get it absolutely right.

Our finest yarn is the 100% Baby Alpaca in 2ply. Perfect for lace knitting, knitting for babies, machine knitting and weaving. We have some gorgeous natural colours, some solid colours and lots of hand dyed colours for you to choose.

Next is the 100% NZ Alpaca in 3 ply. Very suitable for babies and toddlers. So soft and so warm, and a pleasure to knit or criochet with. And grown and processed right here in New Zealand.

Probably the most popular yarn is the 100% Alpaca in 4 ply. So versatile, suitable for so many things. Many colours available.

And if you want a quick or an extra warm project there is our deliciously soft 100% Baby Alpaca in 8ply in many hand dyed colours.

Garment care Handwash in luke warm or cold water. A gentle spin dry can be used or roll in a towel to remove excess water. Dry flat. Gentle press with steam iron if so desired. Store flat.

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