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Alpaca Fibre - Fibre of the Gods

Alpaca fibre is 100% natural, 100% sustainable, it has an antimicrobial function, it wicks moisture away from your body and at the end of its life is biodegradable
Alpaca is a protein fibre like wool , and contains little or no lanolin.The absence of barb-like cuticles make alpaca a great fibre for people with sensitive skins as this prevents the prickle factor
Alpaca is stronger and warmer than merino. Micron for micron alpaca feels softer than merinoAlpaca fibre has a memory, so your alpaca garment will return to their original shape and size after washing. But make sure you dry them flatAlpaca garments are incredibly warm. Beware of thick heavy garments, they may be too warm!Alpaca fibre is truly The fibre of the Gods

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